7 Ways to Cultivate Self-Love

In this sometimes crazy world we can find ourselves dazed and confused if we don’t work to stay grounded. Often times we’ll find ourselves overwhelmed with work, children and many other commitments. It’s important that we take time to disconnect from everyone and everything and take some time to reconnect with our inner-selves, if only but for a few stolen moments daily. Self-love is not selfish. It’s essential to take care of yourself, believe in yourself and accept yourself. When you’re feeling frazzled or stressed try these self-love or self-care tips. They’re also great preventative measures.

Un…Begin to write or journal. Keep a dairy of things that bless you throughout the day. Write a love letter to yourself. Write one to God. Each time something moves you and causes you to smile, jot it down. When the stresses come upon you, read your journal and remind yourself of all that you are, all that you have.

Deux…Take time in the morning to meditate before or after your prayer time. I tend to meditate before to center myself and recall any dreams that I may have had which gives my prayers direction. Meditation throughout the day allows you to disconnect from the rat race or stresses from traffic jams, incredulous employers or screaming children. Meditation in the evening is calming and aids in detoxing after a day of being subject to adversaries of your peace. Not sure how to meditate? I find that Deepak Chopra is a great guru to follow. Visit his website or perform a Google search for reputable sources.

Trois…Take time to reaffirm what you know to be true about the wonderful soul you are. Bring to your remembrance that you are worthy of every good thing that you desire. Look in the mirror and repeat loving truths to yourself.
“I am magnificent.”
“I am worthy.”
“I forgive you.”
“I am phenomenal.”
Create your own affirmations. Believe in yourself. Speak love and kindness to your soul.

Quatre…Have a little talk with Jesus. Doesn’t the song remind us that the little talk will make things right? It surely does. God wants to care for us. He has given us power, prayer releases that power. Prayer activates our faith and helps us focus and bring clarity to our situations. Prayer has an overwhelming cleansing affect. Through prayer we rid ourselves of our cares and place them in God’s capable hands.

Cinq…Take an overnight one-tank trip alone. While in the car, pop in an audio version of a book you’ve be meaning to read. While away, catch-up on much needed rest and relaxation. Go sight-seeing. Take a long walk. Bring books. Bring pen and pad. Make great use of the quietness. Can’t schedule time away? Do another “me-time” activity. Go shopping and buy yourself something that makes you feel good. Have a makeover or another indulgence that makes you smile.

Six…Put a song in your heart and sing it all day. Hear it as you walk. Make it your theme song. Choose a song that transforms you to a fantastic memory, a time where you were surrounded by people you love and you were dancing and having the time of your life. Listen to music that moves you physically – dance wildly in the mirror. Perhaps choose spiritual or worship music that moves your spirit.

Sept…Forgive yourself. Don’t be so hard on yourself; we all fall short and make mistakes in life. Without the occasional faux pas, we wouldn’t learn much. Don’t self-sabotage your happiness. Replaying the “tape” of your errs will only cause you to be depressed or live with doubt which leads to living fearfully and that’s toxic. Give yourself some grace. You are human!

Practice these self-love techniques as often as you can. It’s true, if you’re not good to yourself; you simply can’t do much good for anyone else.


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