A Kiss is Not Just a Kiss

blackpeoplekissing-1“Kissing on the lips is a physical expression of affection or love between two people in which the sensations of touch, taste, and smell are involved.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kiss)

In intimacy, the way someone kisses can either seal the deal or be a deal-breaker. Kissing is one of the fundamental components that comprise the overall enjoyment of the couples’ close time together. Sharing affection and being attracted to your mate ensures relationship success. Therefore, if you are turned-off by the way your lover loves you, there is sure to be discord.

I suggest that the responsible lover learn and perfect those things that their requited loves the most. The art of kissing is a skill that has to be approached with care. You may think I’m making a big deal of this subject, but if you have a mate that holds kissing in high regard, I’m sure they would appreciate your attention to this matter.

If your kissing style hasn’t evolved from your “Spin the Bottle” days, you could likely benefit from these kissing pointers.

  • Be mindful of bad breath. Yikes! There is no way to be kind about this. If your breath is nasty, who’s going to want your tongue in their mouth? Seriously though? Further, I am often baffled that folks with horrible breath aren’t aware of their offense. If you smoke, drink coffee, have issues with rotten teeth or a gum infection, chances are, your breath isn’t fresh. Take special care with your oral hygiene, clean your teeth thoroughly, floss, use mouth wash and by all means, keep mints handy.
  • It’s a bummer when someone who is blessed with juicy lips doesn’t know how to use them. Nipping at your partners lips is a tease and can be exhausting to someone who wants to get into a satisfying lip lock. Conversely, don’t blabber all over your partners face. The lips have pliable cartilage in them, use it. Control your lips to deliver firm but enjoyable kisses.
  • Biting should be discussed before hand as it is not for everyone. The skin on the lips is very sensitive and is easy to tear. Piranha kisses aren’t enjoyable.
  • Use your tongue carefully. Good kissing shouldn’t involve a tongue lashing. Particularly when you first kiss someone. A good kiss is gradual. If you begin with shoving your tongue down their throat, where do you go from there? And by all means, don’t slather their ear in your saliva! Lick their ears gingerly. Feeling spit in your ear is beyond disgusting. Be passionate, yes, but there is nothing sexy or romantic about having a super slimy tongue bath. It’s quite invasive.
  • Overly hungry, sloppy kisses are terrible. It suggests that you have no patience and that you do every thing quickly. Most people, women for sure, require slow, deliberate motions during intimacy; quick intimacy does not good intimacy make.

Porn movie kissing scenes are for effect only, I don’t recommend them for real romance between to mature lovers. Instead use the most romantic love scenes you’ve seen for inspiration. Your objective is to leave them anticipating the next kiss. Take your time and savor the moment.

KISS…Keep It Sensual, Sexy!


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