when you’re asked why you haven’t loved again,

don’t lie and say that you never found anyone to love

instead, speak the truth…

tell them that you were loved…

but she wasn’t what you wanted

although she loved you, flaws and all

though she embraced your insecurities and amplified your strengths

though she loved your quirks and adored those things that turned-off everyone else

though she did everything within her power to make your heart smile

though she pledged to restructure her entire world to be close to you

though she kept coming back, although your cold shoulder left her in tears…repeatedly

you were loved…

it wasn’t the fault of bad timing

or incompatibility

or difference in religion

or family

or children

or careers

or any of those usual excuses

you merely didn’t deem her good enough

you never loved again because you didn’t allow yourself to be loved


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